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  1. Worst floods in a century kill at least 324 in India's Kerala
    More than 300 people have died in the last three months after heavy rain and landslides in Kerala.
  2. Slovenian comedian gets new role: prime minister
    He insists he will put funny business aside.
  3. Watch: Meet the revellers at Budapest's Sziget Festival
    Thousands of young people from around the world have been gathering in Sziget for one of Europe's biggest music festivals.
  4. Watch: The unstoppable advance of the Hambach mine in Germany
    Deforestation of the Hambach forest has been happening for the past forty years to clear the area for lignite extraction. Now only 10% of the forest remains.
  5. No Comments of the Week
    Euronews highlights' and lowlights of the week from across the globe.